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Originally Posted by RacquetDoctor
I own a Sensor...worth every penny I paid. The Aria is an interesting my opinion, a real good price to performance ratio at $1600...That being said, it is all about choices...I have strung on one, and prefer my machine to it, but I can tell you that the experience was not uncomfortable, just a bit different.

The latest RSi mag has 10 TST Precision 500 machines for sale (used at the Nasdaq 100) at $2200 each...from the photo, looks like a Aria...probably is. These machines are readily available is Oz...never have seen them here. A Lee wrote something up about those machines on another site I believe...
You're correct, Doc. The only difference is the tool tray (better than the Aria), much better reel storeage, also. The clamps on the Aria are better. The ones on the TST are just like the clamps on the SP DG, at least the pictures that I saw showed the old style clamps.

The one thing I wish my Aria did was rotate the head a bit faster. I can release the clamps quicker than the head can finish the pull. Certainly, this only amounts to a second or so and maybe picking nits, but...

Someday I'll grow up and get a Ferrari stringer. Have you heard anything else about the new Babolat stringer? Maybe there will be a couple at the French and we'll here from the guys there at the other site. We can only hope!

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