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Originally Posted by slice bh compliment View Post
Yeah, but now that I see your username, I'm thinking Dunlop Maxply Fort.

My list:

1. Max 200g

2. Maxply Fort and Maxply McEnroe, even though that was a quick run.

3. Volkl C 10 comp and C 10 pro

4. Slazenger V-24. Wood, open throat, a little graphite. So good.

5. HEAD Prestige

6. Wilson Pro Staff (Kramer with the brown diamonds). Wilson Pro Staff (85)

7. PUMA Becker PRo

8. Donnay Allwood

9. Bancroft Borg

10. Babolat Pure Storm Limited
Some great racquets listed here!....I always thought the Bancroft Borg was great, and under rated. I liked it's paint job better than the Donnay Borg ones.
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