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I'm out, that's right the founder is quitting...moving on...moving back to the ps 85. You guys with the whippy sting are brave. I could only use it well against a 5.5+ power hitter, when the whippiness ko'ed those musclechimps like a ko counterpunch.
I will use the Sting against a buddy named Sean though, He makes a lot of money and is very inside the box. Looks his age unlike me, although we are the same age. Has more annoying criticisms than matched racquets in his bag, and he has plenty of both ...He used to use a sting as a kid and actually almost screamed at me for beating him with it, as he used to hate it. Beating someone with a vintage racquet is like beating someone with your intelligence, uniqueness and spirit....
like in boxing when you wear white shorts into the ring, or wear your belt on your waist on not your shoulder before the fight, or just fight a guy with both your hands down... a total psyche emotional win. When I win with a ps 85 or sting I am beating the spirit of greed, conformism, and consumerism. Ok so I'm not quitting our club since everyone here rocks, just stepping down as Sting Fanclub chairperson to do some more grassroots work.
The sting Fanclub is the largest professional organization of it's kind...See us online at tw forum dot com slash Official sting Fanclub...
this is where we need a LOGO people!!!

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