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*yawn* morning TWMAC.

dvi -- i am like switzerland and i don't like to get involved in petty squabbles. i save my nekkid guy in speedos and guns photo for special situations.

alice -- i've been called a rat before so that's nothing new. but that rat isn't even one of those nyc sewer rats the size of dogs so it is far too little to be me. the only thing that makes me happy is that i have never been called rat face, lucy lui or megatron.

auzzie -- i'm a complete wreck. i don't even feel like playing tennis ever since you took my #1 spot on the TWMAC ladder. i'm a 4.0 tennis player but there's nothing else in my sad life that i'm even a 3.5 in. oh wait - i'm probably a 4.0 buffet destroyer. figure i'm better than 80% of the people who've ever attempted to destroy a buffet. but there's still guys out there who make me look like a loser in the buffet destruction industry.

how about the rest of you fools. what are the three things you are best at and what would the NTRP rating be?
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