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Forgot to mention... I did get to hit with the demos last night for about an hour or so.


1. Youtek Radical OS
2. Gamma T-7
999. Kobra Tour

I don't know what it is about the new Radical but it's basically a 1000 times better version than my Ti Radicals. The beam is the same thickness as my Ti but it plays like it has a super thin beam (if that makes sense). Volleys and slices were much better with the Youtek than my Ti, as were my serves. The racket flex was really nice, I felt like I could just slingshot the ball over the net.

I liked the Gamma on my ground strokes, especially my backhand but you really have to swing that racket to get it going. If you don't commit to the swing the ball will hit the net. Volleys were nice and crisp but I couldn't hit a damn serve in to save my life. I think I hit one serve in with that racket. Slices really penetrated though, which would suit my chip and charge game.

The Wilson was terrible... the beam is like a foot thick and I just don't like leather grips. I don't like feeling the bevels cutting into my hand. Also, I couldn't keep the ball in the court, the racket is too overpowered for me. My first 20 groundstrokes hit the fence on the fly. It could've been the strings though as they were some weird looking "clear-rubber" type of string I've never seen before.
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