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Originally Posted by tfm1973 View Post
wookie -- i call BS. you are not a 7.0 diaper changer. you have one little girl. figure on a heavy day you might change her diaper a half dozen times. and maybe once a day she might drop the deuce. i'd say i'm a strong 3.0 diaper changer and i have 2 kids. a 7.0 diaper changer is the nanny for octomom's kids or whoever used to change the diapers for jon and kate's 8 kids. a strong 5.0 is probably someone who works in a daycare center. you are no 7.0 diaper changer. you are a poser.

as far as unique set of skillz -- i'd say you are a strong 5.0-5.5 in handling spicy food. maybe higher if you trained more.
Good call on the spicy food rating.

Okay... been found out on the diaper changing thing. But I swear I'm at least a 3.5.....
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