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Originally Posted by drakulie View Post
True, and you are correct. In that case, then it would have to be between Tonlars, or Sup2dresq. Both are 5.5 level. I believe at one point, Tonlars was a 6.0.

And, I agree with you, hitting hard doesn't mean squat.
The check is in the mail Drakulie?!!!

Ha! I'm not at any good competitive level anymore. I probably have as much playing experience as the best player on the boards, but have been in the "if you can't do .. teach mode" lately.

Now if you get me mad on the court or put money on the table.. maybe a different story.

Otherwise.. I'm like Jolly.. a 3.5 but with a slightly better USTA record.

I also have no pro room, world class coaching, 110 mph forehand (won't forget that) or fascination with my equipment (tennis wise).

On that note. I may try to play a tournament next week and the following months. Maybe that love and feeling will come back.
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