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Originally Posted by The_Question View Post
Even though my white/silver Vapor VI is stiff and hardly wear them, just got these pairs 20 mins ago. Couldn't resist the price, $50 each at Norstrom Rack, in Towson, MD.

They also have CB1.2 for $50 each as well. Tried on a pair and they're stiff in the heels. If CB1.3 is the same as 1.2, I don't know how you guys can put up with it.

Also they have this Nike tennis shoes, I've no idea what it is. It features Drag-on, XDR, Medial drag, etc...

i hate you, i went and bought 3 pairs!!! there goes my spending money for a couple of weeks! hahaha thanks for the heads up though, i would have never thought the rack would have them so fast. kudos
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