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Originally Posted by zapvor View Post
re the meets, it seems to me its always teh MD peeps going to VA, so i say teh VA peeps go to MD. but it seems like its just mini meets, so thats that.

more improtantly, got to hook up with the striker again tonight. basically, he played at 55% and still crushed me. easily. like hammer to egg. i did double fault like 24times though. i have never ever served so badly. sad thing is, it wouldnt have made much difference. all i was missing was raisin on my bagel

great great fun. loved it. will have to do it again, and this time make it a ladder match!
Dude, so far I've been to Wonderland, Wooly mammoth park and Urbana. Lady Topaz also went to Wonderland and Wooly. And I offered to trek to MD again this weekend, Severn Park or somewhere else reasonable. Recips - Allie was coming to VA one weekend that got rained out and PPL made it to Nottoway a couple of weekends ago. Now MD peeps may have visited other VA peeps recently, but not me.

Wot else ya want me to do? Not gonna go to B'more, just not gonna do it. Anywhere else will be considered, but not B'more.
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