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Azaelea could be an amazing place. I also like the vibe of OTC a lot. Every time I go there to drop off sticks for frank everyone is super nice. They have some hot girls who play there, which is always a bonus, and the level of players can get pretty high. The only thing I notice about OTC is that it is not as easy to go up there in the evening nd hit until 10. They close earlier, and also everything seems more scheduled.

Azalea has a solid core of regulars that are really good players.I basically get free lessons sometimes from some of the guys I hit with, which is awesome because they have made me into a way better player in under 6 months.

There is something about Azalea where everyone shows up and plays and just all hits together that is cool. I know I can go at certain times and play for hours. What I am getting at is that I hope that does not go away, because it is not easy to find that type of setting.
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