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Originally Posted by tfm1973 View Post
auzzie - nice match yesterday. pretty much the result i expected. i expected you to hit quality groundies and make my fat azz run around like an idiot. we had a pretty long rally towards the end of the match and i swear i saw spots, the tooth fairy and elvis presley.

tfm, you were lucky that you managed to escape right before auzzie was ready to cut off your head.

i had fried nice last. had to wash down the tears with a beer. it could of been honey pig.

on a side note, the thought of tfm and topaz eating dinner alone together was rather entertaining until f1 posted that he was there as well.. it'll be hard to get tfm cornered like that again topaz. you had your chances.

i have a 1hr clip of the doubles match today. i'll create a upload for the 4 participants to download once i figure out how to convert quick times
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