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Originally Posted by Topaz View Post
Oh, that wasn't me...I was answering the challenge made by PPL! A rematch of a mixed match we had when I went up and met them at Howard HS. We didn't finish, though...because we started melting on court.
LOL. I was in full meltdown when you arrived. The youngsters didn't take it easy on the old guy today, which is as it should be. Or maybe they did take it easy and I can't tell the difference anymore.

Was glad to see the JJJJoshes cross the river. I had forgotten how well they both strike the ball. And Sappy and Allie have both made quantum leaps in their games. JRK still toys with us, I think, refusing to unlease his full power game on us mortals. And for someone with a sore ankle or knee or some other joint, PPL sure did scamper at his usual clip - 2 MPH short of light speed.

Again, a fun morning. Many thanks to all of you for prolonging my tennis life by another day.

P.S. Wanted to see that brutish forehand of yours, but was just too played out to hang around. I would look at it once and probably try to keep you from hitting it ever again. Maybe next time.
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