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i love to play tennis in virginia! sappy led us marylanders to eden plaza and we left like tourists, loaded down with bags and bags full of vietnamese food. some of us were even double-fisting the bubble tea and the sugar cane juice... i pointed to and bought something that looked like soap-on-a-rope, and it turned out to be some terrific dried & fried tofu.

jrk, thanks for a fun match: it was so sweet how you were so concerned about accidentally hitting me with the ball, that you hit the ball into the opposite corner, again, and again, and again. so considerate of you .

ppl, thanks for those odds against me. i'd love nothing more than to prove you wrongwrongwrong and make you lose all sorts of money & dignity to sappy,'re probably right .

sappy, thanks for being such a lousy partner so that i didn't feel bad about my own crappy spastic tennis. srsly. you're a star!

edit: p.s. i covet jrk's shades. but i want them in turquoise!
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