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Originally Posted by Slayer_of_Kings View Post

1) Name all the jobs George had??

2) Name all the 'jobs' Kramer had??
off the top of my head......

1. he worked for real estate. he worked at the place where he got fired for having sex with the cleaning lady (same boss as elaine...can't remember his name). he worked for the yankees (assistant to traveling salesman). he worked for vandelay industries (in latex). he worked for Kruger...
i feel like i'm missing a couple...
oh yea, there was the one where he was hired and chose the 'small office' and then joined another firm, but the ceo got indicted...
i don't know if you count this, but wasn't he the head of the susan ross foundation?
he worked for his dad's computer company
he worked moving cars on the street (one of the earlier seasons)
he worked selling basketball training shoes for "jimmy"
also, as vandelay, he worked as an architect.
he was a hand model

2. kramer had odd jobs here and there and they kinda played it as if he never worked in his life, but he worked as a bagel maker...
he worked (non officially) somewhere...can't remember...the joke was he never was hired by them.
he worked as calvin klein model..
he worked for 'kramerica'
he worked as a carriage tour guy (the one with the rye bread)
he impersonated a doctor a couple times

these are all i can think of now..
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