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Originally Posted by db379 View Post
A Seinfeld club on TW? -Hallelujah!

I have to say I'm quite new to Seinfeld, having missed most of it to Friends (another great show). But I'm starting to catch up, and I love it so far. Would you guys say the last seasons were not as good as the earlier ones?
The last two season's storylines (when Larry David left) weren't as good as the first seven seasons but I'd still say they were hilarious. "The Dealership" is one of my favourite episodes of them all.

There are a lot of classics in there as well such as "The Comeback", "The Serenity Now", "The Yada Yada", "The Chicken Roaster", and several more that have some of the most used quotes and moments of all the seasons.

And remember: "Twix is the only candy with the cookie crunch".
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