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Originally Posted by Topaz View Post
Oh, that wasn't me...I was answering the challenge made by PPL! A rematch of a mixed match we had when I went up and met them at Howard HS. We didn't finish, though...because we started melting on court.
i am glad we stoped I am so burnt now, should have used some of that sun block that was being passed around

Originally Posted by Xisbum View Post
Again, a fun morning. Many thanks to all of you for prolonging my tennis life by another day.
good hitting with you again Xis, I think you have gotten faster than the last time we played.

Thanks Sappy for taking us to Eden center and showing us all the hot spots. I think there is a resturant you have not gone to it is by the supermarket, I got a pound of the crispy pork there and PPL got a pound of pork and half a duck.
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