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Originally Posted by Mansewerz View Post
What is the use of the cam action pliers?

Although frowned upon, I use them to tension the last string before tying off. This is how I learned to tension the last remaining bit of string after tensioning the last cross and clamping it:
  1. When you tension the last string and clamp it, you place the remaining string that is now outside the racquet head thru the tie-off grommet.
  2. At this point, you grab the string (before doing your knot) with the cam clamp, and gently use the tool to pull the string.
  3. Once you have gently pulled the string, you **gently** place an awl in the grommet to hold the tension you just placed on the string in place.
  4. You then release the cam clamp and complete your knot.
  5. Last step is to **gently** take the awl out.
  6. Tie your knot.
  1. You don't jam the awl all the way thru the grommet. Just enough to where it will hold the tension.
This tool, being that it has a hard rubber-like/cork-like coating, it will be gentle on the frame, and not damage it. The weird rounded shape is placed up against the frame and will give you leverage to pull the string.

Also, this tool could also be used in the same way for the actual tightening of the knot, rather than using pliers or a starting clamp.

Hope I described it in a way you understand what I'm talking about.
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