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Hello all,

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. So does that mean TFM has two hearts? Or Zappy has none? *shrug*

In either case. Our Top Chef offers a buffet of:

Kalbi (Korean short ribs)
Jap chae (sweet potato noodles with spinach and wild mushrooms)
Strawberry cheesecake ice cream
Tiramisu gelato
and grapefruit sorbet

The price of admission? Having the next TWMAC meet in Mt Airy, MD .. the date: August 16th Sunday. Two secluded tennis courts and bathrooms (alice rechecking) available.

VA peeps we can carpool, which leaves room for more drinking, sitting or swimming at her pool and watching spiderboy play his violin upside down.

If there is interest lets move forward! Get a food list and lock things up for the day.

Cliff Notes:

August 09 TWMAC meet
When: August 16- Sunday
Where: MT Airy, MD
How: Van leaves NOVA early and returns before sundown
Who: Who else could cook the above- Alice. But we will also be bringing stuff
Why: Cause its tennis! Cause its good food.. and because we haven't had a meet in a while.

disclaimer: This idea brought to you by Alice. Her offering of food and house is very generous.

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