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The Kobe was solid last night. I felt stupid trying to lob against you, because your overheads are guaranteed point winners.

I gotta say I enjoyed playing last night. Although I am not a big fan of playing doubles, its good to see doubles bringing out everyone's strengths.

JRK- serving is always a strong point for you, but I really think just doubles in general is a good game for you. You have great touch at net, aforementioned solid overheads are money, you know how to cut off volleys and close the net, and its tough to get the ball past you.

JRS- your serves seemed to have improved alot. There is just this consistent dipping spin on every serve that curves the ball in at the last moment it seems everytime. Groundies its tough to judge in doubles, but I know you hit that one backhand winner (when my back was turned), and I remember commenting on how smart you were playing your forehand. But in general you are just so solid on everything- I noticed that I intentionally tried to avoid hitting to you unless I had a sitter.

DVI- I have to say I felt the most pressure playing against you in doubles. Serve- not the biggest on the court, but hard to return well. Groundies- seem to take the biggest hop out of the strike zone, so once again harder to control hitting against them. Volleys- couple shanks that I could not read where the ball was supposed to be heading . Get yourself to a Physical Therapist to rehab the knee, and toss the ball more into the court, and I think alot of your problems solve themselves.

Schmad: I still maintain that technically you are not a 3.0. You have the capability to hit some unexpected beauties that just scream past the opposition. The only problem I noticed was that I felt my pulse racing everytime I would see you wind up for one of those- for fear of not knowing what the outcome is going to be. If you kind of find your safe range where you don't feel the need to say go for huge swings on sitter volleys right above the net for example then your rating jumps to 4.0 right away. Your 3/4 pace balls would be just as effective as your full swinging shots, and you would be more consistent with them. Its also a shame you had to play with me, because I definitely wasn't holding up my side of the doubles bargain yesterday.

Thanks again for playing guys.
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