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Originally Posted by Free_Martha
This is the first time in years Andre has lost in the first round of a Slam and it's the first time in years he's entered the French Open without a title.

So far, I'd say his 2004 year is going very badly.
It's all perspective.. he's still 9th in the ATP race this year. And he's reached the semis at AO/Indian Wells and San Jose with a 14-5 win record running up to the FO. That's still better than a whole lot of guys out there.

The question is whether the exit from the FO is a blip or the start of the downward spiral. My point is that his prep for the FO was pretty poor and it would be foolhardy to read too much into it given the rest of his year so far. Let's wait for Wimbledon/US Open before we decide.
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