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Originally Posted by PBODY99 View Post
I find it interesting that so many people on this board dismiss the ports as junk. Most guys can't outhit a professional woman in the top 100, many of them use this junk. Their is a pair of rather large and fairly good doubles players who manage to remain around the top of the doubles ranking using the Black Speedport.
If you have enough hitting time in your game, you might not want to change. For those of you with less than 10,000 hour< read the book Outliers for my choice of that number, it might be too hard to go to something that increases swing speed.
Pay no attention to the "unless it's a 15 to 25 year old frame it sucks" cult around here. They are wannabe pro's. As far as I know not too many real touring pro's post on these boards.

If he really wanted tpo know why the holes exist in the prince frames he can go to their website.
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