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Originally Posted by gustavo33
that was the worst match ive ever seen in the atp... agassi had no motivation, and the french guy had horrible strokes
Excuse me Gustavo you must not have seen the same match as me cuz I was at Roland yesterday and i've seen the whole match, OkAY ANDRE WAS NOT AT HIS BEST (especially in the 3rd) but Kudos to Haenel who has made a huge match, He'd never shrinked back, his groundstrokes were always deep and spinny. at the beginning I remember myself saying to my friends near me "this unknown guy had some balls, he was huge on his back side and moreover often turn around his B/HD to deliver heavy uncrosswise forehands that Andre had never be able to punch up along the line.... Also he served and returned very well and had made a great cover of the baseline. His mental was phenomenal also for a 270 ranked players who played for the 1st time on the historic "Central" under thousands eyes... In a way he made the match of his life and we all know RG is propitious to this phenomena.

IMO Andre was not moving well yesterday however I have prepared a slogan-banner: "ANDRE 4EVER THE KID of PARIS"... The fact of loosing the 1st set made him unconfident. Also I ve noticed that he seemed to have problem with his strings... which his revealent of a lack of confidence.
By the way, I did not wave my banner
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