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Originally Posted by Kevo View Post
I've hit over 110mph on my speed trac quite often. My best was 115mph. Does that mean I really hit over 130mph? This is with the radar behind the net on the ground. I'm a bit skeptical that the ball is really going 130mph off my racquet, but maybe it is.

I think measuring the ball right off the racquet face accurately is a bit of a tough nut to crack as well, and I don't know that I would agree with that method for use in practical training. I think the ATP does it that way because the numbers are bigger. I mean 100mph is pretty good, but when Roddick or Karlovic crack one above 140mph people really ooh and ahh.

Serve speed is really not that important once you get it to a certain level. If I place even a 95mph(speed trac measured) serve well, it's either a service winner or an ace. An well spun kicker at 80mph on the returner's weaker side is money all day long. I think speed is not worth as much as people think it is.
Your serve must be up there pretty close to that.

The purpose here is about comparing Apples to Apples.
Your points are all valid otherwise.
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