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Originally Posted by raiden031 View Post
I have a question for those who have knowledge on good serve technique. I'm trying to be careful to word this correctly.

When hitting a hard flat serve, should the racquet motion be such that the racquet is swinging a little bit to the right of my head (such that the head of the racquet swings kinda over my shoulder), or should it be swung directly over top of my head?

One thing I already knew is that I often have a bit of an erratic toss, which explains why sometimes I can crush the ball, and other times I hit it less cleanly and softer. I think I have most of the serve motion pretty good such as the legs, body turn, and back-scratch portions, but I've just been trying to figure out what makes the diff. between between a good serve and a bad serve.

I started experimenting and noticed that when I swing the racquet head directly over my head and can hit harder serves than if its a little to the right over my shoulder. I didn't know if this is not the right way to serve, or basically a no-brainer that you should be doing this. I'm self-taught and watched some FYB videos months ago, but haven't refreshed myself on this. Any help would be useful.
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