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Originally Posted by Topaz View Post
JRS...good win!

DVI...another paypal dispute? *eyebrow* Interesting that you keep having this problem. Also, which 'to the maxxxx' racquet do you use, out of curiosity?

JRK...has your kendo group ever demonstrated at the street festival during Cherry Blossom? I saw Mrs.JRK at Skyline the other day...took me a moment to recognize her with the new do, but it is super cute!

Anybody have laptop recommendations?
JRS, TFM, Sappy...I'm looking at you. Oh...I should add...*cheap* laptop recommendations. As in price, not quality (don't need something that can restart my car). Looking for something to use in class (I'm the student)...pretty basic, but it would be nice to have built in wireless and a DVD drive/writer. I've done a little research, but was curious if our resident computer gurus had any thoughts.

Haven't been laptop shopping recently so I have no real recommendations.
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