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Default Carlos Moya's Black And Yellow Breathe Free II's (Picture?)

I looked on, there were photos of Carlos, but unfortunately no full body pics including his sneakers. I also looked in the yahoo sports section and there was one photo, but it was way difficult to even make out the shoe itself. I was wondering if anyone out there has seen a picture of Carlos with the Breathe Free II's in black and yellow? A good and somewhat upclose picture hopefully. Anyways, if you could post here it would be much appreciated. I know that 6/1 is the release date for these shoes and the black and yellow ones are suppose to be one of the ones to be released. I was just hoping to see them somewhat upclose. The Nike catalogs have the shoe listed but no picture. If no one has a photo, I know that he is playing on Wednesday (later today) so I'll probably get to see them live or in some kind of photo, hopefully. Thanks. Later
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