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No, don't insult us Italians by saying that Spadea is Italian. He may have an Italian-sounding name but he he is nothing like an Italian.

Yes Rabbit, I was the one that posted about him and driving him last year. I was lucky enough not to talk to him since he had his headphones on and was listening to Eminem tunes and making strange "oooh-ahhhh" type noises with his mouth. I guess he thinks he was rapping along.

He also criticized the ride saying it was too slow. Now if any of you have ever been in downtown Montreal in the summertime during rush hour, you'll know that it's not much fun. The only way I could have got him to his hotel any faster was if the car could fly.

The guy is just well known by all the volunteers as a total *******ed jackass, and I'm not trying to be mean here. There is a story behind why I say that but I'm not sure it's appropriate for me to type it here.

I did see him try to rap once on tv; it's clear he thinks he's some kind of cool rapper.
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