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Originally Posted by TheJRK View Post
NooooOOOOoooOO!!! Just kidding, I wasn't going to get any of those shirts. I'm not gonna get any shoes just yet. I'll buy the turquoise polka-dot polo and the yellow one, and maybe the blue one (doh, it's not available until 28 Aug)... okay maybe I'll get the black one too. And that's it... and a lead tape reel, and a roll of Wilson overgrips.

How long would it take you to get that Prince racket?
Another site in the mid west section of the US has the blue polo. That's where I got mine! TW doesn't carry it right now.

If you tell me to order the Prince, I think about 48 hours after I call it in.

Do you want me to order it? And the bag? And the monfils hair gel?

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