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Since so many of you were so dazzled by my use of the list function (which I actually learned from Alice, BTW!), I shall summarize today's meet accordingly:
  • Zapvor not only showed, but he was ON TIME.
  • He also followed MrHan around like a puppy. Man crush!
  • Speaking of MrHan, I would like it be known that I did actually return one of his serves...once...into the court...that we were playing on. Let's not talk about the other serves, ok?
  • MrHan, what flavors cookies do I owe you?
  • Schmad and JRK played the 'heavies', and also the peacemakers since they played dubs with the guys on one of our courts, instead of kicking their arses off!
  • I had a very nice warmup with Shcmad.
  • And then played a set with Xisbum...he won 6-2, but jeez...that score could have been much closer if I wouldn't make stupid mistakes. Grrr. But very nice playing Xis...I was pooped after that. Don't let any of this 'knee injury' nonsense fool you...he was practically skipping from corner to corner on the court!
  • JRK and Xisbum made the most colorful doubles team ever in the history of the universe.
  • of these days you and I will actually get to play!
  • When I left (I called 'no mas' at 11:30 so I wouldn't be too tired for my match this afternoon)...Shcmad, Zap, JJJosh, and MrsJJJJosh were *still* playing!!! The energizer bunnies!
  • I lost my match, but played really well! Especially for me in doubles! I guess a two and a half warm up with TWMAC is going to have to be mandatory for all my matches!
  • Too bad Sup did not join us after teaching his ninja tennis clinic.
  • Did I miss anything?
  • Too bad.
  • I'm done.
  • This is the last bullet.
  • Oh, a few more...sorry no pictures, forgot the camera. Didn't think to ask Shcmad if he had his?
  • My back feels much better, but now both ankles hurt? I think I shall just no move for the rest of the evening! How about you?
  • Feel better soon PPL. I'm sure being assaulted by MrHan the last time you played had *nothing* to do with you not being able to come! Just kidding...take care of yourself!
  • Magma! Where were you? Everything ok? We missed you!
  • Ok, now I'm reaaaallly done.
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