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Originally Posted by Xisbum View Post
^^^Was just entering the score after getting up from my nap. You know us old folks need our rest.

Can't think of a thing to add to your fabulous list, except it was "fun, fun, fun til her daddy took the T-Bird away."

Good to meet Zappy finally. Now I can say I know Sappy and Zappy. Good to hit a few with MrHan; glad I didn't have to attempt to return his serve. And he's a nice guy, too. As always, a pleasure teaming up with the JRK - call us the Mutt and Jeff team, please.

Always nice hitting with and against the JJJoshes - he has more shots in his bag than I've seen in my long, illustrious tennis career, and she can smack the ball with anyone. SchMad, you and I should play more dubs as a team; remember the volley is your friend, but it ain't a ground stroke.

What a wonderful way to spend an August Saturday morning. My only complaint - my beautiful pink shirt got heavy, hot and clingy after a while. Think I'll stick to sleeveless for the rest of the summer.

All hail the organizer extraordinaire, Lady Topaz. She will be an excellent nurse one day soon.
Nice to hit with you again Xis, we destroyed team Topaz/Mrs.jjjosh, still contemplating pulling the trigger on the Asics.
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