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Good hittin' everyone! Nice to see some familiar old faces today.

-Toepeezy, you hit some nice winners during the warm-up. I think this is the first time that a player beats another player during a warm-up.

-Mr. and Mrs. JJjosh, thanks for driving all the way down to VA. A shame that we couldn't play a real match, but hitting afterward was nice. Mr. JJjosh, I swear you look like a 15 y/o.

-TheJerk, that Thai guy's voice was annoying me the whole time during the doubles match. I blame my poor play on his voice. LOL.

-Xis, believe it or not, I "try" to not take huge cuts at the ball when I'm at net. LOL.

-PPL, it's OK. I know how scary it is to think getting hit in the crotch by one of my backhands. Kidding. Hope you feel better.

-Sup, what do you mean by "teach shcmad"?
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