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Originally Posted by alice301 View Post
would have driven less today if i'd gone to va to play tennis. but my dad wanted to go to rock hall, md (google and weep for me, everyone) for crabs. since my dad rarely, like never, wants to go anywhere, i humored him. oh my gawwwwwwd. 3.5 f***ing hours to get there because of bay bridge traffic.

but!!! i was rewarded: we stopped at an outlet mall on the way back (don't know where--somewhere between the end of the continental US and home), and i scooped up a stella top for...$10! i was in a euphoric daze the rest of the way home.

have to go to bed nownownow: i was coerced into playing mixed doubles tomorrow morning at 8 am. they don't know what they're asking of me...
Most of the time anything north of 50 from Bmore is faster to take 95 north to elkton and then head south. I know it looks really bad. but there isnt much traffic until you get back to 301/50. if your dad wants to do that again sometime try it. But you wont pass the queenstown outlets, you will pass the perryville outlets (which suck).

Sup, next monday come to HdG. I need and excuse to clean my house. Any one else is invited also. I need an excuse to clean my house and play tennis
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