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I've gone IPA crazy and some the last month, thanks to this thread


Dogfish Head:
90 - superb
Midas Touch - way too sweet, never again on my dime
60 - ok, would drink it but wouldn't buy it again
had another DFH brew, can't remember which (might've been either the Indian Brown Ale or Raison D'Etre) but didn't particularly cared for it neither

Hop Stoopid - too sweet for me, not as hoppy as the name implies
IPA - didn't stand out for me neither

Anderson Valley:
Hop Ottin' IPA - also too sweet
Brother David Double and Triple - way too sweet
tried another 22oz of AVBC, forget which, didn't care for it neither

Marin Brewing Company:
IPA - ok, not too interesting for me
Porter - ok, I prefer Deschuttes Black Butte Porter

Full Sail:
IPA - did not finish the bottle, my drinking buddy did not neither
Pale Ale - we had it but I didn't bother

Sierra Nevada Harvest - superb, my fav during the experiment, unfor it's seasonal and I can't find it anymore

Green Flash Imperial IPA - superb, may be my new fav

Bear Republic Racer5 - still decent but no longer up there for me

Sierra Nevada Torpedo - so far the best bang for the buck at $7/sixpack, perfect for guests

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