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Originally Posted by coolblue123 View Post
Hi William:

Quick Question for you. Have you strung O3's yet? If so, I heard we have to do the "brake offset around 15 degrees" thing. If you did, did your stringer move since it's not bolted down to your cart?
Oh yeah, how tall is your cart? The only ones I've seen at Sears is 26.5 inches tall. Thinking about putting books on top to make it higher.
I am going to get a cart this afternoon, and need to string some O3's for some friends.
One of my first racquets I practiced with was an O3 and I strung it without any problems. No one I know uses an O3 so I have never looked up how to do it. What is the 15 degree thing your talking about. The machine is a tank it is quite heavy so I felt no need to bold it down to the table and have never had any problems with it. Sorry I will have to get back to you tomorrow about the hight of the cart. It works fine for me but I'm only 5 1/2 so taller people might have some problems.
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