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Just consider this. In the 10+ years I've been in the workplace, I've never heard someone say they got a job because of where they went to school, nor have I ever heard of it come up in an interview as a talking point. I have sat in on interviews also to talk to the candidates and as I look over their resume I have never found myself concerned about where they went to school, or even if they have a degree.

I work in technology, and what's most important to me is, can you do the job, and do it well? We'd rather hire HS grads that are very intelligent and experienced than a PhD that has little practical experience. I should know, I have no real college experience to speak of, yet I am very capable at my job, both in technical skills and all the other soft skills (writing, communicating, etc.). That's what my employer cares about, not about where I went to college.

I assume Neurobiology will be similar - as long as you complete your degree, I doubt any place that you interview with is going to care whether it says UCD or Cal on your resume. Both are excellent schools. Personally, if I were in your shoes, I would go with whatever costs less - the ROI of a college degree is ever-shrinking these days with the cost of tuition and books going through the roof and being raised year after year.
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