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I'm working in research, so I have a little bit of insight into just how important the college you choose will be. In my opinion it has very little bearing, and only comes into play in certain situations. As another poster mentioned, it all comes down to what you plan to do after you finish. If you want to pursue a graduate level education, entrance exam scores always trump the college you attended. So say for instance you score very highly, so long as you got good grades, have nice e.c.'s, you'll get in anywhere. Conversely, if you don't do as well with the entrance exam, but you did go to a school that's notorious for having a rigorous undergrad program in your field, and you did really well there (High gpa), you would probably find that your exam score will be glossed over when viewing your app as a whole. This however can work the opposite way as well. Not scoring highly on entrance exams, coupled with a low gpa from a little known or relaxed undergrad program will sink you. So basically my advice would be to pick the school you will be most comfortable in, regardless of prestige, and work your butt off! Believe it or not, they all pretty much teach the same information, and so long as you prove that you're capable, internships & job opportunities will come. Do the very best you can, rock the entrance exam, and you'll be fine.
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