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Originally Posted by r2473 View Post
It might.

Do you know where you want to work? Does that employer recruit out of both schools?

At any rate, I say go to Berkley. Surely the more prestigious school. Surely more employers (or graduate schools if that is your aim) will be looking for Berkley grads.

As for the cost, education is BY FAR the single greatest investment you can make (thinking of how much it costs vs. your return over your and non-financial return). The small extra investment in Berkley COULD have nice upside. At worst, you will be no worse off than the UC Davis choice. The extra cost is de minimis over a lifetime.
I don't know about these schools, but I know in Maryland if you go to public schools, tuition in-state is probably around $8K a year right now, whereas out-of-state is probably over double that. And then there are the private schools that cost $30k. So we're talking of price differences of nearly $100K over the course of 4 years from choosing a public in-state verses a private school when more often than not the public university degree is sufficient.

If you want to be a CEO and/or be a wealthy businessman, then by all means go to the best school. This doesn't apply to 99% of workers though.
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