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Originally Posted by raiden031 View Post
I don't know about these schools, but I know in Maryland if you go to public schools, tuition in-state is probably around $8K a year right now, whereas out-of-state is probably over double that. And then there are the private schools that cost $30k. So we're talking of price differences of nearly $100K over the course of 4 years from choosing a public in-state verses a private school when more often than not the public university degree is sufficient.

If you want to be a CEO and/or be a wealthy businessman, then by all means go to the best school. This doesn't apply to 99% of workers though.
What % of students do you think pay the full cost of tuition?

If you are not smart enough to get scholarships and grants, then I imagine you really have no business at the top schools in the first place.
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