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Originally Posted by Larry Lava View Post
You may have come across this description of Safarova on another board where someone is counting down his list of the "most beautiful tennis players" and was asked if Safarova would be on the list. His reply:

"No. As I said on the previous page, I've never found her to be even remotely attractive and I think she looks like a cross between Rodney Dangerfield and an albino *** goblin. I've never understood why she gets mentioned as being an attractive tennis player. I mean, honestly, when I see pictures of her she looks like someone who's been locked in a dark underground cave for hundreds of years and is only now seeing sunlight for the first time after finally clawing her way out off of the ground. If I wanted to say something positive about the way she looks I could say that she has very striking eyes, but I don't really think that they're striking in a beautiful way so much as a crazed, demented way. Anyway, I don't mean to bash her, cuz I'm sure she's a nice girl, but of all the girls who get mentioned as being attractive, she's definitely the one who baffles me the most."
WOW, tell us how you really feel.
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