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Originally Posted by TheMagicianOfPrecision View Post
English media are world-famous for blowing things out of proportions, if England wins 1-0 against Iceland in qualifying for the World Cup in football the English press/tabloids are writing their headlines with HUGE letters "We will win the World Cup" or "England are the best in the world". I understand that it selld but is sometimes ridiculous.
Simon Reed is a noob who didnt know who Andy Murray was 3 years ago and i hope he feel really embarrased right now.
Dont is the excuse simon reed gave when Murray lost at AO 2009 to Verdasco
"I still believe that Andy wasn't right when he went into that match - he had a massive cold sore on his face, his legs looked leaden, and when you're talking about tennis at that level then a bug can make a critical difference of a few per cent."

He will surely come up with Tired, Too much tennis, Not enough time to rest, Not Motivated enough......excuses.........

Just wait for em to come
its 3:16 time........
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