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Originally Posted by Wolland View Post
LOL Now it's official. This man is an idiot. I just can't believe that Eurosport constantly presents this bloke as an expert. Reeds thinks that... Simon believes... Blah, blah, blah... I mean, haven't they seen what people think about his expert analysys. By the way, I don't think he guessed anything right.
I lost all respect for him a while ago, one article he states that Venus and Serena are the best, a few weeks later they will struggle to stay at the top. He slated Fed at the beginning of the year, then calls him the best ever after Wimby, now states he is not the true no 1, and was gifted both his GS?

He also stated that Bartoli could become of of the top players also (lol). His articles are very biased, no real supporting evidence to go along with them, I wonder whether he actually watches the matches sometimes or whether he just drools over whoever is flavour of the month.
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