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Originally Posted by star 5 15 View Post
The star 5 bases look like they would be a pain but I've gotten used to them and I'm quicker on them now. Now it feels awkward using the star 4. I think overall i like the 5 better. Now if I were traveling with it I'd take a 4 over it anyday.

wow, I'm really surprised you bothered going thru all the trouble you did with the Star 5, having a star 4. The star 3 & 4 never had all the problems with the tension head, the star 5's have. Anyways, having strung on a star 3 and 5, IMO, the star 3 is hands down an easier machine to use than the 5. More space within the arms, and base clamps are much more simple. Do you still have your star 4??

On the topic of the thread, I generally string a frame in approx 30-40 minutes. This includes cutting out the strings, cleaning the frame, mounting, stringing, stencil, and overgrip replacement. Fastest frame I recall "stringing" (only includes stringing time) would be under 15 minutes. But have never really timed myslef ro attempted to see how fast I could string a frame.
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