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Originally Posted by TheJRK View Post
Just got back from Miami Beach... and I think I may have a permanent hangover. No drinking for at least 24 hours.

The weather was perfect... well it was sunny and hot as hell. I was sweating like Patrick Ewing in the 4th period, shooting free throws. I've actually never sweat so much in my entire life, think Auzzie after he's walked 10 feet. Good time hanging out at all the bars, and the pool, and I actually played tennis one of the days on the roof top tennis court until I almost caught on fire from the heat!

Sup - I tried on the polka-dot polos at Niketown in Miami... I actually like the way the size medium fits. Definitely not as tight as the FO pink polo. They didn't have the blue one though, so I decided to just order stuff online.
True - it was blazing in the Bahamas too. It was too hot to play tennis at 9am in the morning. I think sup would have loved it.
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