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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
Did you notice how much he ran around his BH? How long can he keep this up as he gets older?
Longer than Rafa can keep that up obviously. Ever seen Rafa hit a return in the ad court when the serve is through the middle? I'm sure Roger will find ways to keep up. Just give it a rest man. Federer was way betetr than you expected, I didn't expect him this good either, but he just made you eat your words now. The guy with the elegant strokes did it. Already 28, he showed his footwork has improved since a year ago BIG TIME. Maybe he'll keep it up for only a year more, but at this form.. he might be holding 17 or 18 Slams by then.

What's the point about Federer's bh not being as good as his forehand anyway? Do you say rafa is still crappy because he still never serves +10 aces? No. Sure his backhand isn't the greatest on the planet, it never was. But it was consistent like it was in 2004-2007. You also know his forehand was back to it's scary best and that he's always been a big server but that's an area where he keeps improving. Not being a fedfan, or even a fedhater, I can see you're being scared of the idea of Federer being around for the years to come.

Just admit you were totally wrong and that this thread was either ridiculous to begin with, or reaffirmed Federer's status as the GOAT of tennis.
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