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It's funny how folks can see the same match, and put different spins on it.

But what I haven't heard you guys mention was Andy's applauding his opponent's winners, which he did several times. And his good-humored disbelief when he got a lucky net-cord, setting up an impossible shot for Mutis, who got it, and hit the cord himself. It looked as though it was going out, but somehow the ball managed to bounce on the line. All Andy could do was smile.

There were some great points there, and I saw Andy asking for the towel, and I didn't understand why the crowd booed him. He just wanted the towel.

I missed the last set, as I had to go to work. But the momentum was in Mutis's favor, and at the end of the fourth, he was outplaying Andy. I wasn't surprised at the result at all. Andy just hasn't gotten his feet on clay. It isn't his best surface and, as someone mentioned above, the extra practice on grass may not hurt. Worked in his favor last year. So we shall see.
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