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Brother KT, glad we've found each other .

I've had the Red Rocket and I agree (only because we're brothers). I've gone thru 2 six-packs of it and not sure if I'd buy it again.

Two 24oz in 2 hours is just crazy. I was on a vacationing binge, 2 separate trips in July totalling 11 days. We drank about 6 bottles each each night, some more, some a lot more if we're tossing darts. But that's over 4-6 hours, not 2. The best part about that trip was that I actually lost weight, all that drinking and eating. I've found a new diet...

My drinking buddy is much more tolerant of the sweeter stuff. I didn't care for the taste nor for the price; that Brother David stuff is pretty expensive. Def doesn't justify the 2-3x price of say Harvest of Torpedo.

Went to my local Bevmo yesterday, no Harvest . I may be going to SF again this Dec but chances are Harvest will be out of season by then.

At $4 per 22oz bottle, that's the best value. If my dear beer brother is coming to Socal, bring me a case for sibbling sakes...
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