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Originally Posted by larlarbd View Post
Why would the Guy say he has Safin's Racquet - if he doesn't ? A genuine Poster ( see his old posts ) , I beleive him maybe Safin changed his specs ( all pro's do ) or maybe they ran out of PC600 , or maybe Safin grew tired of his old frame & was trying Head's new frame - who cares , I am really sad to see so many ppl say it's not Safin's racquet , I beleive it is - I've seen Safin carry 8 racquets in 2006 - where he had 2 different from his other six ( grips were syn on 6 , leather on 2 , the other 2 had somethin else different as well.... ) , so deosn't mean that racquet isn't Safin's , you guys should applaud RFRF for atleast his efforts to bring his specs with pcis & stuff. nuf said.
Ahm, those two are definitely not the reasons...
Other than that...could be...just weird that NONE of Safin's pictures show him playing with the 237.1 with that buttcap... WHo knows...
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