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Originally Posted by drakulie View Post
wow, I'm really surprised you bothered going thru all the trouble you did with the Star 5, having a star 4. The star 3 & 4 never had all the problems with the tension head, the star 5's have. Anyways, having strung on a star 3 and 5, IMO, the star 3 is hands down an easier machine to use than the 5. More space within the arms, and base clamps are much more simple. Do you still have your star 4??

On the topic of the thread, I generally string a frame in approx 30-40 minutes. This includes cutting out the strings, cleaning the frame, mounting, stringing, stencil, and overgrip replacement. Fastest frame I recall "stringing" (only includes stringing time) would be under 15 minutes. But have never really timed myslef ro attempted to see how fast I could string a frame.
I did not own a Star 4. I used a poorly maintained one at the club I played at. i strung for the shop and the owner was a pain in the ***** so I bought my own star 5. I am now very happy with my star 5. I pull 17g Redcode at about 30KG and no breakage and barely any marring the string (the Star 4 broke red code from time to time itself) I obviously don't know if Babolat has corrected the problem in production now but I sanded down the jaws slightly and it is great to use now. I tried to find a 3 or 4 for a couple years but ppl were always asking too much so I just bought a star 5 with warranty.

Anyway I like to service peoples racquets a lot like you do. I string the racquet, stencil it if I know the person is sponsored or upon request, and place the fresh strung stick in a poly racquet bag. Everyone so far has seemed to really like it. Right now i am trying to come up with a logo to make racquet labels with tension, string, date, and DT ratings on it. I also want to have a big logo printed on the bags like what P1 and other big stringers like. I think it would step it up for some shops in town and It would be good advertising.

Also I would just like to say my string times are not my fastest possible but as fast I can get them done with care and quality. I would not go any faster if I was not doing a quality job. I will say though the graphite I did was full throtle. I didn't burn the string or misweave or anything like that but I was doing that for fun just to see how fast I could do it. Typically I churn out quality job in about 15-25 minutes though.(the 25 minutes either being gut or I ahve a client that uses straight alu power rough in a pt 10 with the original pc 600 caps on it. In other words the worst possible senario to string a racquet lol)
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