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Originally Posted by tlimster View Post
Thanks for a great post and review of Agassi's rackets. I still have a pair of his Pro One oversize widebody rackets, the pink and grey ones. I had three but broke one in play. You're right, they are pretty powerful, but I think less so than the Pure Drive or other more modern rackets. Definitely a bigger hitter than the POG, though.
Yeah, the Ultimate Pro was a nice racquet if I recall. At the time, I was trying to mold my game into where I would be generating the power instead of just the racquet. While I did try various widebody racquets back in those days, I never really found one that I truely liked as much as the classic beam designs.

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Very nice post ace0001a, welcome to the forum!
Thanks guys...I'm somewhat of an online forum veteran, but didn't stumble upon one about tennis until I found this one recently while browsing for equipment. My buddy just broke the strings on his racquet this week (which were on his racquet for 8 years!) and I decided to dust off my old table top Klipper stringer to restring his racquet. I hadn't strung a racquet in over 10 years and so I decided to go online to read about the latest string technologies. I've got a Head Ti Radical that I bought from Big 5 Sporting goods over 5 years ago for a great deal and it came prestrung. I hadn't played much in the past 9 years, let alone 5. And so lately I've been feeling the itch and I got an old buddy to get back on the courts with me. It's funny to think that I've got 3 of the racquets Andre Agassi won Grandslams with: Donny Pro One LE he won the '92 Wimbledon with; The original Head Tour Series Radical he won the '94 US Open and '95 Australian Open with; And the Ti Radical which he won the '99 French and US Opens with. All great racquets by the way and also shows how much of an Agassi fan I am!
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