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Kobble, some of these guys were in fact 200-225 lbs and were benching 600-700 lbs. It was an amazing sight. They had massive upper bodies that were totally out of balance with their lower bodies. There were even a few parapeligics who used weight training to keep their fitness up. They had different weight classes as well. There was an official organization name for the event but I can't remember it. It was one of those events they show during "deadtime" on ESPN.

Waterpro, benching your own weight one time is really not that hard if you have been weight training for some time. 2x is a whole 'nother matter. Thats why it separates true strength from posers. I weight 190 lbs and can one rep 275 lbs and I've been weight training for years. Can't even imagine lifting 380 but its a fun long term goal.
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